I need help

What version of windows i can install on it?
mainboard: VIA Epia-v
Processor: VIA C3
Memory: 256 mb
Videocard: S3 Trio/Virge
plz all linuxboys exit from window
thanks for help :slight_smile:

upd: i want install perfect Windows ME

Windows 98

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XP should be possible, although usable is highly questionable. I recall some of the original Windows XP Tablet Edition prototypes using that C3 chip, but it couldn’t really keep up with what XP throws at it. Win2k might be worth a shot though.

I’m curious where this came from? Is it one of those early “mini PCs”?

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but I’m not sure if windows xp can work well because of 256 MB of RAM

i think yes

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I’m with SSanchez, 256 MB is sufficient to run XP, and would’ve been on the higher-end in 2001. The XP specs say 64MB is required, but if I recall, you can get it to work reliably (albeit slowly) on 32.

But regardless of OS or hardware, using the modern web now on only 256MB is another matter altogether.