I make really, really, really bad "music"

which I barely even mix because mixing is lame as hell
warning: loud as fucc

an interesting rearrangement of the Grateful Dead’s “Alabama Getaway”

“Your Name Is Kyle”

“I’m Hardcore”, the only track I have at least decently mixed (because it’s the worst song on the first LP lololololol)

“You Write Fanfiction”, a song from the demo I really don’t want to talk about

“Trans Rights”

and a cover of AxCx’s “Tom Arnold”

Your Name Is Kyle should be used to cure headaches and ear pains.


I can’t stop laughing at that

idk if this is weird but i kinda like “You Write Fanfiction” it kinda bops lol

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more great hits, this time only from the first LP (vinyl pressings coming Soon™)

all of these are unmixed

Odd Time Signatures Are Gay (take 1)

Pond Scum

You Gamble

if you actually ever end up ever releasing that LP, i wnna do the album art, pls

i mean, I have all of the tracks ready, so

no let me do this

remembers… hmm linkin park, a little