I leave MG

alexa play despacito

because i leave mg for some months or weeks


k bye

this is so sad alexa play aphex twin

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To be honest no one cares most the time about people leaving MessengerGeek, anyways bye :stuck_out_tongue:

alexa kill me :stuck_out_tongue:

th5s 5s extra sad a3exa f5x 0y f4c25ng 2eyb6ard

weird typing quirk but ok

alexa play sad violin

also if anyone wants news of alessiotech (pf94inc), the developement team behind CatSpeak/PF94chat. It has been closed down.

post-close update: tbh this community doesn’t even really care about catspeak. if i even mention catspeak on a alessio-related post it’ll be closed down, also… i don’t even think alessio will return at all.

this is not the post for updates SMH