I just steal a hard drive from broken School PC to install SigmaOS on shitty Dell Inspiron

Just steal a 80GB Hard drive from broken school PC and will install SigmaOS on it.
It’s was Inspiron 520 and i use a old previous case on it
I will try this longhorn on that shitty PC.

you is crazy? longhorn is alpha and beta vista! is very unstable and not updated!all last software not working

for this old computer Linux or XP is good

he can do whatever he want. plus sigma is based off of build 4074 which is pretty much one of the most stable builds. so essentially it is windows xp just with a lot of added features.

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yes maybe but not update since 2005

last software can not work

I feel like XP may be a bit too overrated for old PCs, just my opinion.

Also, I don’t think Linux would work on that, I tried to search “Insprion 520”, but strangely never had any results, unless if OP meant the 530, which i’m not sure if it’ll work with the current version of linux distros or it works up to 2014/2016.

Not really.
Puppy Linux is distrib for old computer is working with modern apps and very light with graphic interface. with 256mb is fast!
for XP 512mb is fast but for internet with video is 1gb recomands

with wp and last upsate posready all working, im using all days.

I think everyone knows you’re using XP right after you bitched about Vista being “shit” for 3 days.

i’m not alone in earth use xp!.

for puppy linux : http://puppylinux.com/ (only for old computer and all time updated)

shit, i can’t install Sigma because the motherboard is fucked up…
and a 550W ASUS Platinum PSU is dead after turning off by switch on input incorrectly.
I try to load using 400W generic one and it’s boot a while and shut down instantly, the power lights just flashing after that.

Dell sucks.

SimgaOS also won’t install on VMWare when set CPU to 2 Cores or bit higher RAM.
and i tried again it’s broken…
I also tried to install Sigma on my laptop but it’s failed to install on that partition.

Try to install Windows XP.

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or just linux

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You see i’m not alone say
i’m frist say linux or xp

for linux the best is : puppy linux for old computer and low ram
for XP use last update posready for better security

sigma is 4074, which actually can run its fair share of xp programs and as a plus, sigma can run newmoon which is a recent browser

4074 can be stable and mostly it is stable save for memory leaks here and there

Well, Maxime was the exact same person to say that people who liked Vista should belong in trash. So you’d have to expect Maxime calling people crazy.

ok then

Sigma only run firefox 40 or older…
newer will crash.

Today my main PC is in Backdoored by Floxif…

not really, sigma ran newmoon and normal 4074 can run firefox 46 if not newmoon too