I have some new logos for Escargot

Here’s some Escargot logos what i made with the logo of the webpage: https://escargot.log1p.xyz/

1: with shadows and bright

2: Only shadows

3: With a new butterfly logo and the Messenger logo

4: The butterfly was changed by the Messenger Logo
If anyone wants to tell me to modificate any of this logos, in the comments say to me and if anyone wants to talk with me on MSN, here is my contact: urdanetaa19@gmail.com


Oh look at that :smile:
I like all of it. hehe :wink: very nice work on those logos.

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Thanks man :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t quite call applying bevel/shadow effects to the existing one a “new” logo. Though I won’t comment further on the aesthetic, I think at a minimum you should ensure your image canvas doesn’t cut off the effects.

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i like the new butterfly logo and the Messenger logo

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I like #1, I think It would fit really nice

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