I have a theory about the problems of Escargot Spaces


The theory is, the domain provider with .tk, .cf, .ga, etc. They are a scam, It does not matter if you pay or not, it will cause problems, try using www.posiblehost.com, PosibleHost is cheap and is really good, don’t use that providers because that domain providers are a scam :rage:.

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Freenom (the provider of those free domains) is, in fact, a legitimate company. However, they can take your domain from you at anytime, for any reason, such as if your site is getting “too much” traffic. I believe they do (at least somewhat) touch on this in their terms of service. I have used many of their free domains in the past for various projects, and I haven’t really had much issues, however I have heard horror stories about peoples’ domains being cancelled and used for advertising purposes.

Basically, yeah, Freenom has several strings attached for their free domains, and how they make money (cancelling and parking popular domains) is pretty sketchy.

I will agree that a more sustainable domain provider (and possibly web host, because I believe that’s provided by @KatiaSishost, a volunteer, now) would definitely be necessary for further expansion. I’ve personally looked into Namecheap, which seems to have pretty good prices, but I’ve never registered a domain with them.


Well, is better a pay hosting, like www.posiblehost.com, and, the .tk, .ga, .cf domains is only scam and scam, because it does not matter if you pay, anyway in any moment, Pumm! the domain was unavailable, www.posiblehost.com is really cheap for hosting, and search a cheap domain provider too, but with .com, .net domains, because .ga, .tk, .cf are Scam!


Escargot Spaces is… online …

Escargot Spaces were offline for only 1 day.



Yeah, i know that, but with .cf, .ga, .tk domains the domain provider turn off the page, because is a scam, and the free hosting, not so bad, but with some fails, the problem is the .cf domain


Plus, it’s ironic how Freenom seems to be a bit of a scam, yet I’ve seen some of their domains used to link to scam sites themselves! A different kind of scam, mind you, but still a scam nonetheless.


Now is under paid hosting :wink: