I have a question:

Anyone know wlm voice calls still dosn’t work but, i have founded a problem. I have on my contact list a people from russian and this people i can call, but when i from hungary want to call a people, then it says: The voice call not working, because the service is temporaly unavaiable. ANy idea?

(Wifi NO LAN)

Nice interesent question

  1. You MUST have a static IP address before you port forwarding. If you are not sure or don’t have one, ask your ISP.
  2. Log in to your router’s control panel. If you are not sure, use ipconfig to look it up.
  3. Ask your parents for username and password.
  4. Refer to the router’s manual for port forwarding.

update: when i click on call button fast after 1 second logg in then it connects for some reason.

Fix your grammar we have no idea what you are talking

Sorry i have no good english…

If I log on to my other computer and then quickly click on the call 1 second later, then its connected for some reason. ?

hes an 11 year old hungarian, what else what you expect


still though, you are pretty young and english isn’t your first language, its fair to expect it to be bad

Probably because your other computer is on the LAN (Local Area Network).

Doesn’t really matter, especially if you are just using calls on MSN.

It’s usually admin, admin

my other computer on wlan not on lan

my other computer on the same wlan as this computer

But its works now with some bugs.

WLAN stands for Wireless LAN

my router only needs the password and no username