I hate Windows 8.x

meh, most of the time on MG, it’s just shitposts.

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Unfortunately, yes

i forgot to add /s

sarcasm people

S A R C A S M ! ! ! ! !

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congragulation/s, you forgot your /sarca/sm mark. :stuck_out_tongue:

install windows 7 or windows 10

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*10 ltsb/ltsc, no standard win10 shit

Windows 10 LTSB is just a Windows 10 enterprise without the modern apps (whitch takes almost no resources and you can unistall the majority of the bloatware with a simple right click), it doesn’t have better performance either.

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well let’s save right clicks

It doesn’t even look like windows anymore, it’s better to switch to another system or use a good one like the previous ones

Yes, let’s all switch to another system just because it looks different /sarcasm

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What you hate about Windows 8, and why?

he thinks that just because he dosent like the ui, the os is the bane of his existance.

and it’s true, along with telemetry and updates

telemetry is not spying and it collects no personal information from the user, and what’s wrong with updates in Windows 8? i used the system for a very long time and not a single one of them made my system any worst.

i am obligated to mention that you can also get a third party tool that removes most (if not all) UWP apps and you would basically be running LTSC-esque Windows on a normal SKU

True, but it’s not necessary imo, the UWP apps take almost no resources at all and don’t do anything bad really

shut up

i have no point but let me fanboy over LTSC because i’m too fucking lazy to download a powershell tool and i honestly do hate the modern apps so having them not installed by default is good

no u

good for you i guess, although LTSC still has other disadvantages like not receiving feature updates which can improve the system, but nobody is telling you that you can’t use it

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i mean to be fair by choosing ltsc i’m not really willing to get feature updates

i understand that decision because some of the updates can be glitchy and unfinished (e.g. 180x)