i found this

i found yahoo messenger on the yahoo messenger reborn but you can’t log in it broken here yahoo_6.0.0.1922.exe (4.5 MB)

i prefer using Phoenix’s server

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Screenshot from 2020-11-09 05-12-55

:thinking: :thinking:

That’s probably a false positive. Unless it’s some high tech space virus we’ve never seen before, and no other antivirus besides ONE has it in their database. False positives happen.
But even in the post itself, Joao said it didn’t even work anyway because the servers are down, so there’s really no point in having it anyway lmao


yes it is!

ps: don’t download this!

yahoo messenger reborn was asorbed into phoenix, both were developed by the same guy

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false positives exist, as rgbmew said, its most likely a false positive.

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