I finally got Freenom

Yes, i got it, now i’m going to buy the CMS domain (if XPUser could set the DNS to ns1.biz.nf and ns2.biz.nf for the changemysoftware.ga domain he bought then i wont need it) and the domain for my dad’s cookie company (yes, he do have it)

Again with the cms shit. You do you I guess

just let me do whatever i want, it’s my decision not yours, so if you dislike it, ignore it, i was expecting a “nice”

That’s why I said you do you

oh, i didn’t understand it

Fuck my bad grammar still

No your grammar is fine

just go to the threads of my first drama, you’ll see how my grammar was bad

expecting a nice

at this point barely anyone thinks this is nice

i mean that i got freenom
not about cms



well, in 1 or 2 years, your domain will expire and it will be ethier replaced with freenom world adverts, or be parked.

i know, but i can buy another


yes, but you still mentioned CMS.

Enjoy seeing softcore porn after a year this thread was posted.

Can confirm this happens, Also Freenom is really bad unless you pay

I got banned from registering domains, because I registered “too many”… I had registered 4 domains

Got a link? I’d like to check that out :stuck_out_tongue:

A cookie company, that sounds cool!

That’s weird, my pal XPuser has like, that number of registered domains on freenom world.

It is not finished, also it’s in portuguese, but when i get a preview i’ll send a link