I can't sign in Messenger since 1 month now

Error message : Windows Live ID/password doesn’t exist.

What’s going on for me ? :frowning:

CODE : 80048821.

Plz help :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

what os are u on?

Windows 10

hmmm yeah try to contact @TReKiE


are you using the prepatched version?


Try creating another new account and see if it lets you sign in

i did this, doesn’t work

weird , when you created your account did you check the "Old MSN support (required to log in to MSN 1/2/3/4). These versions are insecure. " box? if so create an account without checking that box and what version are you trying to run?

I did not checked that box

Okay, what version of MSN/WLM are you trying to run?

WLM 8.5

rant rant war war

Really weird :confused:

Did you try uninstalling it and downloading the file again and reinstalling it?

5 times

Go to internet options leave only tls

brb , i will be right back and i will try to help ya

I will talk to @TReKiE about it