I can't send messages when an user is offline

When one of my contacts is offline, I can’t send them messages. The only thing that happens is an error message that says that the user is offline and I can’t send them a message.

Error code/error message: It says “Impossible to deliver the following message”

Messenger version: 8.1 and 8.5 on two different pcs

Windows version: both of pcs are windows 10

Plus, sometimes msn crashes suddenly when I try to open a chat window with a new contact I just added, but I think it does it because the other contact didn’t accept my request yet or the email was written wrong.

Since you’re using 8.x, you should be able to take advantage of offline messaging, which would allow for the delivery of queued messages to offline contacts that would show up on their end by the time they logged in. I have taken the time to code this server-side, and technically, it should be working properly, however, due to an incompatibility with the “msidcrl40” patch we have to use for 8.x, it’s basically bricked until we find a way to get it working.

As for the crashing bug, dunno exactly what causes that, but hopefully it doesn’t get severe


Thanks for your explanation! It’s a bit frustrating cause me nor my contacts can’t leave or recieve offline messages, so sometimes the conversation becomes incomprehensible.
About the crashing bug, it only happens with new emails I add but it doesn’t happen with emails I’ve already had a chat with. I’ll try to figure out what causes this bug, maybe is something related to the contacts that haven’t accepted your email yet…

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