I can't login! I need quick help!

Problem description:
I cannot log in, when I try it, the logon gif is stuck and the icon in the toolbar comes out with an X, and when it finally loads, I get the error. I NEED HELP PLEASE!!! This is not the first time that it happened before it stayed like that but when I re-started everything was fine, now it doesn’t start :frowning:

Error code/error message:81000306

What has been tried so far:
I have tried to uninstall and install later versions than I have but the same thing happens, I have also restarted some things, modified some things, but I never have a solution. Try resetting the password. and nothing happens, also make sure I have everything right.

Messenger version: 7.5

messenger language: SPANISH/ESPAÑOL!

Windows version: 7

infomsnmessenger msn%20messenger%20error

Seems to be working now. Guess it was another outage.

No, the error still appears.

Have you patched an unpatched version or did you use a patched installer?

use a patched page installer

I downloaded it already patched

Try going to https://m1.escargot.log1p.xyz/nexus-mock and see if you get a download for a 0-byte file. If you do, that means you have connection to the servers.

Also try using the TCP tests in the advanced connection settings on Messenger to see if you get access to the actual service.


the file weighs 0 kb, and has the image of the windows hard drive …

do i run it?

Lol you don’t have to. The browser showing the download should mean that the servers are up. Looks like it’s a problem with the patched Messenger itself.

I don’t remember why, but I felt that the patched 7.5 installers had issues. I’ll go try it on my VM.

I could do it, login, thank you very much

I just tested prepatched 7.5 on XP and had the same result. Glad to know you got it working.

I’ve been with that error for so long, thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

Always willing to help. :wink:

Hello again I want to say that I have had problems again (and since the first time you taught me to fix the messenger … (I just didn’t want to bother you …)) but I had problems again logging in (sometimes starts …) but many times no … do you know any solution?

please help me

well I cant sign in also I used 8.5 patched

Is your account’s password > 8 characters? If it is, that means Messenger won’t really accept it and will start acting up during login. You’ll have to shorten it if that’s the case.

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My password is 12 characters and I can login with no problem.