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its the patched version

What is the error code

error 81000306 (before you ask, my firewalls turned off and i have full bars on wifi)

hello sir you have to install avast anti virus system sir then rebboot to bios and disble virtuazliation sir

my cpu doesnt support virtualization

sir then sir you can try to install mcaffe antivirus system it will install necessery drivers!!!

mcafee brings my performance down

Also i cant download the trial for some reason

How? Do you get some sort of error or what?

Error 81000306

  1. the server has been more unstable recently. this error is due to the server being congested
  2. snow344 is just shitposting, don’t take him seriously.

Its 2021 i still get the exact same thing on windows 10 now.

use ethier WLM 8.5 or MSN 7.5, WLM '09 is extremely buggy on escargot. I wouldn’t recommend it.

It seems to only work with certain accounts, I tried two others and it let me sign in for them ,but on my main it gave me the error

weird i used my main account and it worked, wtf?