I can't install Windows 95

I burned ISO file with Windows 95 to my DVD. I burned it on iMac G5. When I oped the same DVD on MS-DOS there’s no “setup.exe”. When I open it on iMac, it is.


Body seems denied by messengergeek, is it a complete senial?


Not like THAT burn.

s o w h a t

This on the wrong category, I’ve fixed it.

Use a CD

And a floppy for the boot disk

You might also need a USB floppy drive

If you’re trying to install it straight from a burned DVD, it won’t work unless you have a bootable floppy disk with it. The best thing you can do is to try and find a bootable .iso to burn onto the disc. However these are normally OEM copies and they don’t contain all the applications you can normally find on a retail W95 CD.

Best thing to do is to install the boot disk onto a USB, boot from USB and use the regular W95 disc you have to install from. There are tutorials online but I can try and help also :slight_smile:

Also, I saw you already had MS-DOS installed? If you change directory to the CD, and type DIR, what comes up?

Try installing on a VM first, then clone the hard disk

Windows 95 doesn’t work on CD (some of the Plus! + USB Support versions do), only Windows 98 does.

wrong, i found a bootable windows 95 iso. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1wa6hk5HrFoo_GD4ld0XLOOVEjxlgsGpO

Not really, you will need a boot disk to boot from the CD, there is a CD release for Windows 95

i have made it

I used it. It’s my iso.