I cant connect to the Escargot Service

Why cant i connect to the escargot service? i installed wlm 8.5 on Windows XP Professional SP2. any solutions?

because wlm 8.0+ bad works on windows xp. If i right remember, MG have topic about it

Add the following lines to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\msnmsgr.exe-escargot.ini

server = m1.escargot.chat
configserver = escargot.chat

Or whatever the file is called.


Still doesnt work. It still gives me a Connection Error. Also here’s my config too


server = m1.escargot.log1p.xyz
configserver = escargot.log1p.xyz

still doesnt work.

Escargot moved to a new server with a different domain.
@3155_Minecraft Follow this guide: [GUIDE] Resolving Messenger login errors on Windows XP and Vista (versions 4.7/5+)

Tried and did every step in the tutorial. Still gives me an Connection Error. I use WLM 7.5. should i use an older version of WLM in order to get it to work?

Update March 28, 2021

Now it throws a Debug Assertion Error at me.