I cannot register a new account

I cannot register a new account.

When I go to the registration page, I register my email and password, but when I click on the create account button, the page loads and the message appears: “500 Internal Server Error. Server got itself in trouble” It’s been one week.

Can anyone tell me why? When will this be resolved?

That happened to me sometimes on some other websites, when that happened to me, I had to make a guest login.

probably some collumn issue by escargot :stuck_out_tongue:

But I want to create an account to be able to use msn, not the forum, I can’t use the guest login.

do you have discord? i can try to help you.

Yes, I have. I asked there in “support-channel”

yeah i’m not in the escargot discord server sadly since i’m banned
add me here ティコマッドビデオの#7358