I can not anymore

I got tired! I can never use it well, I’ve always had this problem! I think they should update the patches and all that so that we no longer have errors, I’m sorry … but I will uninstall the application … goodbye again windows live messenger…

I have always reported the problem but nothing solves all the errors they give me, I can never use windows live messenger well, if I see later they have updated everything I will try to install again messenger.

You tried with msn 8.5 portable?

No. I didn’t even know it existed. But if it works, can you send it to me? Or where do I find it?

No. the windows live messenger 8.5 portable not works

OP: I actually forgot to ask you something while they were having issues with logging in.

Have you touched the HOSTS file for any local server use?

No. The host files on my pc don’t work? Do I have them?