I am so done

im downgrading my win 7 to win 2007.

Wish me luck

well does anyone have a Windows 2007 product key? @Megadeth58 could you help me?

do you mean vista?

No, def Windows 2007, the mod version.

show me

and…? why you pissed off 7?

my pc was filled with viruses. so

you could just reinstall and clear your hard disk -_-

too late.

welp say goodbye for messengergeek


because chrome for vista died in 2016

also it was a pavilion g7

helo mypal

k you win -_- and pavilion g7 is lookin good!

keycaps were ripped off, keys won’t work, only 4 gig o’ ram

really? show it

i don’t have a webcam, also my phone is ded.

then how you can post?