I am going to make a forum

well, i wanna do a forum, i need ideas for:

  • logo


  • Hoster
  • Engine (Discourse)
  • Domain (i wont invite u guys :wink: )
  • Name (wont invite u guys)

any help is appreciated

good luck building discourse without a linux server with shell access and a docker service

I can use 000webhost or biz.nf

or maybe trexion

and just to note: i sent this also to my on DIscord, like LHS or Vincy, so there can be no ideas here but i get it

no, you’re not going to use 000webhost or biz.nf. building discourse requires an actual Linux server, a Docker service and shell access. you can’t just expect to download discourse’s source code, put it on a web server and expect something to work.



I wont build it for you. Go head and use PHPbb or Mybb if that’s still a thing.

I would have helped, would

I already got an hoster, i wont invite u guys, but go ahead and try finding :wink:

Free VPS hosters don’t exist, trust me.