I activated windows xp home edition through phone in russia in 2020


Well, it’s still possible via Internet too if you have the AES 256-bit update installed =P

Does this still work? Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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i think you can still do it in america

a guy in italy tried and it works

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TheComputerGuy96 right?

no bitch its ThePhoneGirl69


fucker its TheToasterAttackHelicopter71

cunt it’s the TheComedyFunnylordGamingerLOL420

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Why be sad about an attack helicopter?

the attack helicopter joke is transphobic, it’s clearly an allusion to it

uh, no? I don’t see whats offensive about it, its just funny.


WOW! Really!? . . . Of course, I’m kidding. . . I can do this from my country too, I can activate It through phone. And… uh… Congratulations for activating It!

Edit: I hate the Spanish phone corrector

its VC