How to get MSN messenger 7.0 to work on Windows 2000?!


Problem description:I cant login :confused:

Error code/error message:

What has been tried so far: over and over

Messenger version: 7.0 :slight_smile:

Windows version:Windows 2000 sp4 :stuck_out_tongue:


why msn 7, at the time, 3.6 was used quite the lot around 2000, with messenger 4 just coming out at that time.


but i want msn 7 :stuck_out_tongue:


msn 7 is way too new for 2000


msn 6 then ?!


msn 6 = 2003, most people would of had xp or something.




too new


lol 2000 was not that old man :confused:


i think that msn 7.0 have the same poblem than wlm 8.5 in xp


its problem not poblem


… and i dont care


sup adolf


Well, Windows 2K doesn’t care about what you want, but about what it can run :stuck_out_tongue:


Versions newer that 4.7.2005 use an authentication system which isn’t compatible with the older browsers that came with versions of Windows before XP. Also, a totally unrelated fact. I actually got MSN 2.2 working on Windows ME on a VM (god knows how the physical machine broke)


Ubuntu doesnt care that u want to run wlm or msn…,


ubuntu probaly dont even know what is msn because UBUNTU IS A 100% DIFERRENT SYSTEM THAN WINDOWS


Tf does that even have to do with Windows 2k…
I was just joking


prueba msn 2.2 en windows 2000
test msn 2.2 on windows 2000


You can’t, Only MSN 1.0-4.7.0105 is the working one. 4.7.2009 doesn’t work too.