How to get a Windows Desktop on a Android Device

Hello guys! :slight_smile:

Today i will do a quick tutorial of how to get a Windows 7 desktop on an Android device

This tutorial doesn’t require Limbo or some emulator
This tutorial doesn’t require Root
This tutorial doesn’t use a Launcher
This tutorial NEEDS internet Connection

  1. Download FusionAccess from Google Play (

  2. Open it and select "FusionAccess Demo-Guest

  3. Make the CAPTHA

  4. Wait a while

  5. After that you should have a chinese Windows desktop (you can install a Language Pack i think) like this

You made it

uhhh, someone?

its literally remote accessing some random desktop


I know
But its free
Unlike azure or google cloud

you can literally just set up a windows 7 vm and put chrome remote or whatever its called in it and done

… on the maximum i can have a 1gb ram vm
And the specs that FusionAccess have is

3Ghz Intel Xeon
4gb RAM
1tb HDD

windows 7 will run fine on 1gb of ram

Only for MSN

implying you would want to use it anyways since its so shitty to use that it’s not worth it

remote access is pointless in a case like yours

Wanna be banned?

I never really liked Remote Access, it was ussaly shit, slow, laggy, and JPEG’d as hell.

Only a flag will happen, well, if @TReKIe read my flag

no thanks

I think you should know the meaning of the word “ram leaks” before saying it to every browser in the existence

Another rare picture of a MG thread


It does not have internet though. Also, it actually runs with 4 GB of RAM and 50 GB SSD.