How To Alert You If Someone Send You Request On WLM 2009

don’t you see this message? looks like you forgot to turn something on :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Starting with WLM 2009, the ability to be alerted when someone adds you to their contact lists is disabled by default. To enable this setting, go to Tools -> Options... , then in the “Privacy” section, check “Alert me when other people add me to their contact list” and click on OK.

    if you need any help let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s the one thats gave you a repwist ?

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my alt account :stuck_out_tongue:


No Problem :stuck_out_tongue:

great but dont post e-mails in public.

might that person don’t want to people add him ,but only specific!


it’s my own email don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:

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