How ironic

All these projects to restore 2009 internet (Finobe, VidLii, Escargot) are starting to create their own cultures which are inspired by 2009 internet culture, but obviously are still influenced by today’s internet culture.

With VidLii, it seems that it usually springs up the most when the mismanagement is so bad that the userbase uploads a bunch of classic style memes making fun of the staff, yet having a stank of post-irony. Like, the memes are definitely styled like old ones, but they seem to be self-aware of how old they are.

Idk tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Also the nasty “Kid$ = p3Zt$$” attitude that most of the userbases carry, along with them giving sympathy to or even crying out that others who were in the wrong so much that they made their community a terrible and toxic place and even possibly deterred future users from even joining their circles should be given back a place because said person(s) was/were begging for it. Unfortunately, Escargot and MessengerGeek aren’t exempt from that, and it has shown. Numerous times, actually.

somebody set us up the bomb

The Finobe community is just the Roblox community…