How and why i became a homophobic




because it was a link made to foll ppl like it was normal link and then it changed to rule34…


Uhh u might not know nojus that well but he said from before that he hates gays because he was born like that and also now he changed his reason , Believe me nojus is always like that , even in discord. If you have really know nojus u will know what I am talking about. I can’t really tell you what he did and say cuz it would be like writing 2 bibles


well because it was url shortened


… for fuck sake
also , i already did get alot of pop up with gay porn when i was little , you know what i did ? i fucking closed the window


For example like this you cant tell thats a bad or good link?


He sent me a link that says rule34, let’s open it
Oh boi a reason why i hate gays, imma post it on messengergeek for sum reason.


it didnt say rule34 it said after it loaded


ya know , you could close the window , and block the guy
and not do this shit


Closing and blocking the guy didnt erase that moment :confused:


That’s called being Traumatised

It will Never be erased off your mind


I know what you are talking about but for seeing gay porn and then hating gays is stupid and you know that its stupid thats why u made a thread talking about why u hate gays its clearly to cause drama , Nojus u have been doing this for way too long stop already You are 12 why the fuck are you doing all this?


:sob: :sob:


Still not a reason to hate a majority of people , He clearly did this for attention and drama


Hell no i dont need drama


sure if you think creating a post like this wont cause attention or drama go get ur self checked but i think you know exactly what iam talking about nojus


Look. I’m a loner and cant find love, but that doesnt mean i am homophobic or some shit. I respect the opinions of others on relationship subjects. Maybe your point of view will change with time.