Hotmail not signing in to Messenger any more


As of last week, all of a sudden Hotmail is not signing in to Messenger anymore but rather to Skype.
Now, that WLM does not work on myu system and Butterfly is refusing to load my contact list, I am unable to use Messnger any longer.
Tried so many times to get assistance from Jonathan but getting no response.
Can someone help?
Thanks in advance.


Well i have not tried butterfly myself, cause i gave up on wlm2k9 and just went with wlm2012.

In the beginning wlm2012 was realy annoying, but if you create your own skin, and after a period of using.
I´m just used to it.

If you have Windows 7 or higher, then i would say just go with wlm2012.
As long as that still works.
Even wlm2011 doesnt work anymore, which is basicly the same version als wlm 2012, except for the login protocols.


try with wlm2012

      when you log in,who to ''one drive'' will see that you can sign in again on messenger.

or go to ‘‘edit profile’’ and then you’'ll see again that you can sign in again.