Help with custom sounds

hello and thanks for having this up and running again after MS booted it i thought it would never be rescued. anyways long ago when i used this messenger app regularly i made custom sounds with plus++ so this time around i decided i wanted to hear all the great sounds i made so long ago. i stil have the sound pack exported from MS live messenger plus+ saved and imported into WLM with plus however when i go to send a custom sound does not matter which category i select it will not play them to the sending messenger under vocals, music, movies etc. can this be fixed i really do not like the boring default ones with BOring from homer simpson. please help

Did you download the new Plus installers recently from Escargot’s downloads page? Recently we rolled out new patches for them so they’d work with a different server from the original patches we offered (the new ones connect to our own servers) and also install the patches within the installer. Also make sure your contacts have the latest Plus patches too.

Also does attempting to upload the sounds result in an error?

I installed WLM build 8.5 and installed Plus++ 4.83.0 from the download page on escargot.


:thinking: Haven’t seen that error before. I’ll look into it.

I tested importing a sound pack and sending one of the sounds it imported to someone and it played on both of our ends. I feel that you probably have separate networking issues that I’ve yet to determine sadly

i have seen this before back in the days with it… however after checking it again in order to send a custom sound have click on it send it then that prompt comes up but when i send it again it finally sends the sound. i guess it has to intiate an upload to the server then send it. first click on it fail then send again works.

This only happens when you put the sound as Public (WLM 8.5) It always didn’t work until i put it on private, then all the times it adds the sound but there is a probability one sound isn’t going to work.