Help what's going on?

So on August 27th my laptop started to lose files and explorer would always refresh even after resetting.
The next day my gaming PC didn’t get infected.
Is this a virus or a UEFI corruption?
PC: Dell Latitude 7370
Boot Mode: UEFI
Windows 10: Version 2004

Do a virus scan, check the status of your SSD using some software.

I hope this is UEFI corruption, also racommend me some software.
Also Task Manager is disabled and explorer doesnt launch at all.

Ok, you have gotten a virus.

is there any way to remove? should i delete all of my partitions and reinstall?

Try using malwarebytes.

i told you i cant acsess the explorer

Try booting into safe mode.

nothing. it’s gone forever. im sad
rip dell 2019-2020

What error you get when booting to safe mode?

Reinstall windows.

You should install a TRUSTED app that can help you recover your account files

nothing has worked.
i gave up.
ill just stop with vms and other stuff.
will just stay with my pc, close this topic PLZ.

Well i installed windows 10 and windows 95 on vms and the WLM works peefectly so i do not need to delete nothing

So these things caused pc to not work?

it was a kms tool that hacked my laptop not my other pc’s so i wont turn it on
now please close this topic, i will NEVER install any cracks ever again.