Help plz plz plz

I have a problem i cant login into MSN 8.5

error code 80048821

MSN 8.5

Windows 7

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well idk with me all ok <3

are you using a pre-patched version or a un-patched version?

i download from big button

maybe put your problem in the title, cuz more people can help you that way (instead of just help, please)

This should work

80048821 is a certificate-based error which i assume is caused by the password text fields. you may want to try running inetcpl.cpl from Run, going to the Advanced tab, and disabling SSL 2.0 & 3.0 and enabling TLS 1.0, then opening Internet Explorer to apply changes. if not working still, try registering DLLs softpub.dll, wintrust.dll, and initpki.dll, or use an older version.