Help please

more details?

not sure what version this is; 7.0?

6.2 xp pro sp3 credit card info: 6666 6666 6666666666666 No juice Lithuania CVR 458.Adress no lol str. 16 :stuck_out_tongue:

What IE version do you have?

rant rannt war war

try other version of msn , 7.0 or 7.5 to be specific

they work but i want to test msn 6.2 :stuck_out_tongue:

ok , the last time i tested 6.2 was on windows 10 and it worked normally , have you tried the SPAM THE BUTTON TO DEATH ? :stuck_out_tongue:


6.2 usually logs on after clicking sign on like 50 times :stuck_out_tongue: