Hello it's CS:GO gamer recruiting time

because i need people to play with

i’m silver 2, in other words kind of a disappointment

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i have barely played CS:GO but i guess i’ll join.

I have CS:GO but it might crash and hang my Laptop.

Silver 1

I’m sorry my dude, I’m MGE so our matchmaking would be a mess


B ro

i’m silver 1, in other words a disappointment

Oh my god me too i’m joinin rn

how the fuck am i gold nova 1?

i can

your brother is a god or he uses cheats

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someones trying to smurf me out of silver 1 and i dont even know what

the likely option

only he can speak the truth since he is brother of his brother and h

chris p bacon momentos funny 2010

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alright boys

hello i got a derank???


why does this not make sense to me

because wingman doesn’t matter

i am non-prime because broke or i don’t bother with the game

lmfao same rank in MM


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