Hello, I’m new here

Hey, I recently discovered messengergeek.com and got interested in it. “mostly from my good friend @Nojus2001 the expert team discord and trekie!”

I am 12 years old and I am for Sweden, sorry if my English is a bit “weak” sometimes. (Although my teachers tell me my English is pretty impressive speaking of my age.)

I’m also pretty interested in to making new friends here that also share the same interests as me, “Retro hardware and software ofc” my buddies at my school doesn’t really have any interest in computers at all. I actually think I’m the only one in my entire school that does. Often when I talk about (for example) my centos server or Windows XP or some random nerdy crap I could go on on hours but they wouldn’t really pick up anything.

My first ever operating system I ever layed my hands on was Windows XP, and I think I will never stop to finding Windows xp as interesting as I did when I first used it. Though the first os I actually owned was Windows 8.1 Home, and tbh, 8.1 is probably my favorite os other than XP, though that’s for an pother topic or if anyone asks me.

My dad works at Ericsson, a Swedish company that basically works on 5g lol. (He actually works at the HQ!)

Why I mention that is because it’s much easier for me to talk about tech stuff, since he’s like the only one that’s actually interested in it.

He went to computer science and I think he can 3 programming languages which is really impressive tbh, C, Basic and some other programming language which Ericsson developed. Though he hasn’t touched a programming language since the 90s. I’m interested in learning lua, and HTML (for simple website building) though I’m terrible at both. I do see confidence in me learning HTML and lua though!

I think I have more that I would like to share though I can’t think of any right now. I hope you all have a great day! :smiley:


welcome to Messenger Geek Rover we are glad to meet you

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welcome to messengeek, rover! we hope you have a great experience in this forum!

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Same here,but I am even less luckier
Neither my mom or my dad know anything about tech.
My friends don’t know what Linux is(or what windows version they use)


Thanks for the kind replies everyone!


welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see you here Rover :slight_smile:

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Hi, I live in Belarus you won’t believe, I also love retro-style hardware and software. My classmates do not understand what technology is … they would just fool around in Tik Toke. Because of this, I have frequent ridicule. I want to move to Sweden, because in the CIS countries to do something unique, well, it’s just impossible. Welcome to MessengerGeek!


Yeah, thats basically my classmates aswell, and ur fully welcome to sweden :smiley:

And thank you!

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Do you have MSN Messenger? can we talk there

Actually nope unfortuanly, though i think ill get it sometime. It seems really intresting! Right now though you can add me on discord if you’d like to :smiley:


good news, i just got msn escargot lol.

i dont really know it so well, but my email is roverhenben@protonmail.com



why did you withdraw and un-withdraw your post

Since I didnt reply to you, pressed wrong button but i was like eh, whatever

Hello and Welcome Rover to MessengerGeek :slight_smile:

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Thanks Nojus :smiley:

I added you to the contacts.