Hello from my new Xiaomi Mi A3

yes, i was expecting for the BU to happend due to this damn phone, but no


As @PPCB knows, my dad owns a 3k members Lula-fanboysism FB group, but the admins are litterally just milionaire snobs, like, seriously

Even Cleudo, the winner of the recent T Shirt Giveaway my dad did was like “No you can give it to Pedro” (me)

so guess what? One of the Admins sent my dad 1000 reais to buy a new phone for me, it was hard, but a friend of him was selling a used Mi A3 (i wanted this exact phone last year), it was great, i looked all Italva tech stores but phones for less than 1000 reais were just garbage, and yes i got it, and i loved it

and this phone never lagged for now atleast, i installed over 30 games (mostly SEGA games) and a few music apps, its not even 32gb full yet, and yes those games have 60-300mb, lol

Amd before you ask, yes, i’m writing this on it rn

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Are you going to do an unboxing video for this?

he is probably, i am not a close friend, but i’m pretty sure he will do one.

by the way if i get a thing from my 24DU, i’ll post a photo.

my sister and mom dont want me to do one so no

guess what this phone also runs? Citra, PS2, PSP, Fortnite, etc etc