Having a ton of problems with 8.5

First off I can’t login with my martinike@protonmail.com e-mail, despite resetting my password.

And second of all when I click on the “Open your e-mail inbox” button, it crashes the entire program and logs me off:

Try reinstall, because I don’t see any problem in the 8.5 version

Or try install Messenger Plus Live or unnistall and downgrade and later install 8.5 again

My other accounts were working and I freshly installed 8.5. Should I downgrade?

If messaging isn’t broken, you should be fine.

This has nothing to do with my problem?

  1. whats the error code
  2. you need windows live mail 2008 installed for the inbox to work

I use 8.5 portable and if I use this button it stops working and crashes msn