Guys,i'm done please help[solved :)]

guys i’m getting 80048821 error on 8.5 on windows 10 now
it was working perfectly ,i installed wlm 2009 for tryng sxsri server i went back to escargot and now it’s not wworking help please
windows 10 20h
wlm 8.5

you cant use 2 cilents on 1 computer.

i suggest to delete wlm 2009 and delete all the hosts files from the host folder
and then try again. use zap messenger to delete the messenger references. >

i did i unistalled with zap wlm 2009 and after i installed 8.5

ok i edited the host file and … yeah the problem was that for some reason was mapped to connect to myself :

Wait,did you reveal your IP address?

Edit and remove YOUR IP address if it’s your real one

its a local IP, don’t scare yourself!


and again, there is no geolocalisation on his shown IP

That is a private ip so its not as bad as revealing your public one.

man it’s a private adress not the public one :slight_smile:

Guys mine is: (it was a joke!!)

mine is 12.345.6.789

yo mine is 69.420.32.666

mine (jk) dont set this as your proxy