Good free hosting to host my websites?


In these past days, i noticed that InfinityFree started to delete the “unlimited” website promise, and it got limited by 3.

Unfortunately, as you may know, InfinityFree does delete websites for inactivity.
Sure… but… i have over 3 websites on my account!

Guess what?
I just got one suspended.

I don’t want them to shut down because they may be important to someone who maybe needs to put an emoticon and he doesn’t know what is the one, as example.
Also, the software website may be important for downloading some programs such as StuffPlug, Messenger Plus! and so…

So, i’m kindly asking the users of this forum to suggest me a good free hosting to host my websites. If you want to know, i already have a domain and i will use the subdomains to link the websites each other. I won’t use separate subdomains form now on.

Best regards,

(I kindly ask to not say things NOT related to this topic. I hate drama.)


There were some suggestions here:


I don’t like InfinityFree as i said, Neocities is also worse, lets not talk about that. GOOGIEHOST? Doesn’t even work.