Getting 4.7.2005 to 7.5 to work in XP

Okay, i am no expert here, i just tried random things and it worked
I also recommend using Windows XP Pro/Home SP3 x86 as it may mess up most other editions

Special thanks to Nojus

Firstly you should get the PosReady patch []

Install IE8 []

Then you will have to get TLS 1.1 - 1.2, Follow the following post instructions []

After you got TLS 1.1 - 1.2 make sure they are enabled then check if you have the update to root certificates

From the control panel, go to image
from there go to image
and make sure this is marked image
if its not mark it, click next and follow the instructions on screen.

after that you should get the msft update root certificates thing []

you download the compressed file, extract it, put the password (its on the post) and first
run this image
then run this image and wait until its done
and it should be done! try logging in 7.5 or a version you like.
(try logging in by using the same spamming login button until it works way if it didnt work first try)

also you should restart too.

Sorry if this was hard to follow or it doesn’t work, if i doesnt work tell me as i didnt quite follow the instructions i posted as the same way you probably did.

BTW here’s proof of it working


i hate sp3. especially ie8.

you also need proxyhttps :stuck_out_tongue: for logging in.

Why? SP3 is the most supported, updated and stable version of xp? Is it due IE8? Since thats a stupid reason

  1. literally no one uses ie
  2. having ie8 actually makes things better
  3. sp3 doesn’t come with ie8

(You don’t it just makes it more stable)

better to be stable then nothing :stuck_out_tongue: