[Fixed] Windows live messenger stoped working

Hello, since today 19 January 2016 my windows live messenger 2012 refuses to sign in my live account.

Anyone who is having similar issues?

It works fine for me. Which operating system do you use?

Windows 7 X64 Ultimate.

Hotmail still works, but live mail stopped working.

Do you say Mail? Because in your question you mentioned Windows Live Messenger.
For mail:
Did you check this? The craziness of Windows Live Mail patch KB3093594 | Jonathan Kay, MessengerGeek

In the case for Messenger, I’m sorry.
If you would use Windows 10, one of the reason could be it was upgraded. And in that case you should run the latest version of reviver again. But for Windows 7, I can’t say anything, sorry.

Sorry if I misunderstood you.

I have 2 acounts.
a hotmail account an a live.nl account.

Live account stopped working, hotmail.com and msn.com based accounts still seem to work.
Because a friend of my who has a msn.com account, can still sign in without issues.

I see. I have an outlook.com account and it works too.
Sorry to hear that your live.nl account stopped working.

Hmm weird i just tried a live.nl account from a friend, and that does sign in without problems.

I’m out of idea´s

Thanks for the help.
I found the issue and fixed it.

It was a cache bug, cleaning the messenger cache (deleting the folder) in the hidden temp folder under application data solved the issue! :smiley:

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