FINALLY! 3rd generation videocards NVIDIA!

this is a moment that happens once every tens of years! let’s celebrate this. do you want to buy new nvidia graphics cards?

NVIDIa costs more and it can waste money but it haves the best graphics which makes it expensive

And for the AMD it cost a little bit and has a slightly low price it’s also economical and has fair descent graphics

And also you have to get a real job and get money to get the whole budget for the videocards.

I’m waiting for the RTX 2650.

GTX 1090


if i had the money i would consider it.

I want an budget RTX card.

you now it’s sucks

But seriously why would you buy it? I know you like the realistic graphics BUT dont you need to buy something more important than the videocard?

well if i had the money to afford all of it (the graphics card and other important stuff) i might consider it, im not saying i would actually buy one.

Although I’ve gone Radeon in the past, I’m looking to get one of these new cards at some point, specifically for trying out Topaz’s AI video enhancement software which requires it. I haven’t had a lot of success using it with the CPU option (crashes) or Azure VMs (drivers don’t seem to work with it).

(Also, new flight sim!)

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but their drivers are horrible

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