Few technical questions about the Escargot msn-server


Hi MSN’ers,

I’ve been setting up the Escargot msn-server in a virtual machine for a presentation about the history of chat clients and found a few rather odd bits of code in the source code.

In front/msn/tmpl/MsgrConfig.xml between line 5 and 10 there is code that refers to http://escargot.pokeacer.xyz/config/stunlocate.sxml. But that domain has not been registered.

Could someone explain if this is still relevant, and if so what it does?


That was an attempt by one of the developers to get the STUN servers working for MSN video chat. It isn’t necessary to get MSN working, and the domain no longer works anyway.

Also, good luck with that presentation. :slight_smile:


Oh thank you :smiley:

All clear, have a nice day :smiley: