Expriment i'm doing with 2 acer laptops

I founded two old laptops, both of which has broken screens.

One is working fine. but the other is somewhat dying.
I’m changing the operating systems because they’re becoming slow and might have trouble running Windows, both of them were running Windows 7.

1: Android on a 2011-2012 acer laptop
I was planning to install Remix OS but because the USB software used for Remix OS was shit i gave up and decided to install Andrioid x86 KitKat. It works but it shows in the damn broken screen! It’s possible to make it show on the second screen however it looks like that it only works if you installed it in a USB drive. I’m planning to install it on a USB Drive but i need to find a way that works in 1 usb drive. I’ll have to do it after Number 2.

2: (Operating System Not Decided) on a 2009-2010 acer laptop
The PC died while i was playing Roblox back in 2015. Later it worked with slight data losses. What i’m gonna do is that i would transfer the remaining files from the 2015 Parappafan94 era into my main pc. The problem is i have not deciced a Operating System for the laptop. I’m looking for a simple non-memory eating operating system. It should be Linux.

Easiest way to fix them: Use Rufus to Put Linux Mint onto a USB Drive and install it.
Oh and of course you need an external monitor. :cat2:

I need a basic operating system. And yes i have a external monitor… Android86x fucked up the other computer screen settings so i have to install it on another usb drive.

Lets install Linux mint 17.3 xfce or an lubuntu 16.04