Everyone make a AIM ICQ and WIM server and also open source it

Everyone make a open source icq aim and wim Oscar server now

that’s not how it works

you can’t just go “everyone make this NOW!” and expect it to magically appear out of nowhere


well I only have aim and no icq

As per your instructions, I did the AIM/ICQ part. GitHub - mk6i/retro-aim-server: Revive classic AOL Instant Messenger clients from the 2000s! https://discord.gg/2Xy4nF3Uh9 You can do MSN :slight_smile:

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also I don’t have discord because they are stealing from ph

This post is funny

wow there is no icq or msn revivals on GitHub

you could just learn how to code and do it yourself lol

I do not know how to code.

then learn there are a lot of free sites that can teach u or try using chat gpt to help a bit