Escargot will not connect

This confuses me to no end.

My WLM copy has suddenly stopped(???) connecting to Escargot, as if it were unpatched.

I know it isn’t unpatched, as I have chatted with other people and it has worked.

Is there any way to fix this?

Try reinstall the Messenger :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d try accessing first.

On modern browsers, you should either get a blank page or an explicit 404 error. If that isn’t the case, then their might be something wrong with the connections to the server.

yea got a 404

Maybe there’s something wrong with the connection to the MSNP server itself. :thinking:

aight what the fuck
i just signed on
it works

i have no idea what happened

I have an error of ssl

Remove the m1

That makes no sense. not


I meant why remove the m1. part of the URL if he can’t even access that in the first place.


I can’t log in into MSN either. But I get a password-username error. Any idea? i reinstalled the program many times…

Msn? Version

MSN 7.5 and WLM 8.5…


I found a solution

The problem was my antivirus (ESET). The solution is to enter the settings, then go to web protection and add the following exceptions:

  • .escargot. *

eset reports this site as malicious and blocks access. I do not know the reason.
if your antivirus is not the same, try adding these rules in your antivirus

sorry for my bad english. :wink:

Then, save the settings and problem solved !! B)

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