Escargot Spaces


Escargot Spaces is pretty much ready to go. Feel free to sign up and create your blog.


Excellent work! Thanks :slight_smile:


do we have to have a real microsoft e-mail to make a register on spaces or with the e-mail i register on escargot to log in on msn clients???


At the moment, it’s a separate account from the Escargot MSN Server. You can use any email client, you’re not restricted to Hotmail/Outlook.


Escargot Spaces is awesome :smile:


The site was excellent, good job! I just could not change the profile image. I did the requested steps but it did not work.


Just went to your profile and your profile image has shown up on my end.


So it must have been a bug to me :smile:


This is really cool! Now I just have to figure out how to get my blog to work with Windows Live Writer…


@zRioziin usually the profile image doesn’t have to go through gravatar. the steps to changing the profile image are
'click your name at the top bar all the way to the right and point to profile then click change profile photo. here is a screenshot to help :slight_smile:


Already appeared here, no need more. Thanks :slight_smile:


My guess is that, because it uses a modified version of WordPress (because I recognise the login screen, only thing being changed is the WordPress logo), I think it sends an activation e-mail, so the user needs to sign up with a real e-mail address, unlike with the Escargot Messenger server where it doesn’t have a CAPTCHA and a verification e-mail so I could sign up with my old e-mail address (because that address no longer exists on the actual Microsoft servers).

Also, I haven’t created an account there, so I’m not sure what the actual “spaces” look like.


My new space is here:
I think it’d be cool if someone could create a theme that replicates what Windows Live Spaces looked like and if that was set as the default theme.
To answer @kbhasi, it is based on WordPress (and the default theme is Twenty Seventeen) and it did send me a confirmation email.

I really like the concept, and using BuddyPress for this seems to replicate the social networking aspect pretty well. I think I made the first group:

Since I didn’t see these linked to on the site, here are the site and group directories.


That’s the plan I’m ultimately going with the look of Spaces. The 2017 theme is temporary until a MSN Spaces-like theme is designed. I’m crap at CSS, so someone else may have to do it, especially for Wordpress.


I found a theme called MSNlog, which looks like a WLM conversation. I saw a Blogger adaption, but for the life of me I can’t find a download of the original WordPress version. :confused:


Well, I’ve did a little bit of research while looking through the Wayback, and while I wasn’t able to load anyone’s space from back in the day (though I only tried a few links), I did find out that when Windows Live Spaces was shutting down in 2010 (according to a BetaNews article I read), Microsoft offered to move users’ blogs from Spaces to (as in the hosted blogs), so I now understand why Escargot Spaces runs on top of WordPress (the self-hosted version).

While doing more research, I found that Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia’s parent company) did have a space on Windows Live Spaces, and there was a screenshot of it on Wikipedia, but unfortunately they had to shrink it along with a lot of other Wikipedia images. It’s probably possible to load up that page in the Wayback and get the higher resolution photo.


On another note, I imagined someone creating a clone of the old Gallery from Windows Live Wave 2, as a site where users could upload their third-party Windows Vista/7 “gadgets”


I just got this message from my host

I’m not sure what do do in terms of the future, as I don’t have money to upgrade to paid hosting or decent internet to self-host.
I’ll have to think about the future in terms of hosting.


So does this mean if you don’t upgrade the website will be taken down?


I think it’s more of a recommendation. I am concerned about the part where it says it may cause a service disruption. I do want to advance Spaces to where it has more breathing room. I might have to budget in some hosting.


Some crowdfund will also do.