Escargot spaces with live writer?


well thats just bad, it just happens for no reason…


also thats not on warchest, thats on wip


so no worries, all the dankness is on warchest


warchest is a brillant blog, absolutely love it.
would be bad to lose it for no reason

PS: that update what puts your last viewed blogs in “my blogs” it’s horrible, i know it’s meant for group blogs, but does it have to affect everyone?


love it? almost 2 weeks without posting lol and theres only 2 posts lollllo


i see that 'Windows Live Messenger Forever" is your theme of blog, i saw the URL, yes i am on the blog, u mad? so This Forum supports MarkDown? would do tbh


i went for wlmforever cause wlm 2012 was launched 08/05/2012,


oh ok, what a thing to do it about.

PS: thank you.


lmao that edit


a solution for this error?

btw. sorry for post revive


I got it. i renamed the domain .cf to and now its works.
Sry again for the post revive lmao.