Escargot spaces with live writer?


i have an question, can i use windows live mail with my blog, if yes, how?

im using open live writer.

edit: what should i put here?

#2 blog address, like this /yellows111, but yellows111 is your blog name in the URL.)/xmlrpc2.php


you’re a god thanks


add me on Spaces.
link is on my profile
Blog is




you also use open live writer/ windows live writer?


only OLW, WLW is not supported yet.


thats nice to see people using olw


nice old mem.





have you added me by using
or don’t you have a Spaces account/page yet



also, i have 2 accounts, my main (rebirth) and 0582012rebirth


@rebirth? or are you using the 2nd one.


second one


added you, well you added me, also just made a post on the emoticons website on my blog.


Also, fun fact, i acidentally posted a draft and my pc turned off


lol, thats such a werid time to do that
click post, “ohno”, computer turns off, “why?”.


why did i install ThreeDegrees? it needs Messenger 6.0, i have 7.5 lol


also, all my posts are GONE after that