Escargot Spaces must need the MSN '01 theme


Dear Escargot Spaces staff,
We would like all of you to make an Index page with the MSN '01 theme… Just because I like it.


Yeah, I don’t think that’ll look good with Escargot Spaces. :stuck_out_tongue:


i think that look fine with Escargot Spaces


I think it should be an option, some people like that type of style and i can see why, but it really isn’t fit for modern web, so its more of a “your choice” sort of deal.


I wouldn’t really mind that type of style either. But it just seems out of place in general for something like Escargot Spaces, since the overall UI components would look a bit too flat for something as vibrant as Spaces, like the buttons, for instance. The Times New Roman wouldn’t help with that either. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I can see where you’re coming from. :slight_smile:


Micheal’s plan is to go live, but thats him, i dont really know what he wants


My concern for now is getting the site to go live on the new hosting. However, I will play around to see if people can do “different themes for the main site” so people can go from 2001, 2005 or the Live days.


That’s the June '01 version, which will be seen in the theme switcher in the dashboard,
so here’s my October '01 version of the MSN homepage, which will be the main theme.


This theme is the best


Seems like a nice idea, anyways, who will be our themer??


Oh. Now I see. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would look good for Spaces. 100% guaranteed.