Escargot Spaces has a bit of a pickle with e-mail notifications


It has been a while since I’ve logged in to or even talked about Escargot Spaces here.

So a few days ago, I was going to log on to my administrator account, but since it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten the password to that, along with my regular Escargot Spaces account. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, so I went to the forgot password page and entered in the e-mail address for the account, only to be greeted with this error:

Escargot Spaces utilizes GoDaddy’s shared hosting plan, but I am currently unsure if that involves restricted use of the function WordPress utilizes to send out e-mails, especially since the last time I went into the deployment section of Escargot Spaces and created a new user on there, it sent an e-mail to the Escargot Spaces e-mail address. Hopefully it’s not a fluke somewhere in WordPress or some hidden feature somewhere on GoDaddy to allow WordPress to send e-mails, as that will be much more aggravating to deal with than simply upgrading server plans.

I assume that this also affects the end users, so you might want to hang in tight as I try to resolve the issue.

So, I’ve learned two things:

  1. Keep a log of my passwords for my important accounts, preferably somewhere safe.

  2. Always check out the details of a server plan and see if it’s right for our needs.

See you guys later!

~ OhHelloThereImTheGuy/45gratest :slight_smile:

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