Escargot MSN Problem

Hey there! I’ve just downloaded escargot msn 8.5 but I’m having some problem when I try to have a call with my friend… When I call MSN gives to me error 0x80ee001c… Unfortunately Version 8.5 is the latest and I cannot test 2009–2012 versions. What can I do to solve this problem?

call? you mean with this?


Escargot currently does not support voice calls, to my knowledge. Also, Escargot does not support WLM 2009-2012 yet, so sit tight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, unfortunately voice calls don’t work at the moment in 8.5 and you’ll get that error code.

In older versions where you won’t get that error code, it’s hit or miss with the networking. I had no luck in 7.x even in a controlled environment, but I don’t think I’ve had reason to try 8.1, so you could try that.

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call not work it’s problem to communication ?? or not patching


Update: I’ve tried with 8.1 but it gives me the same error: 0x80ee001c